The poems of last year’s ANTHOLOGY I

All of these poems are spoken for–but these poets, many of whom have much but not all of their work in the public domain, are great places to start searching for poems to choose for your films.  I recommend searching for their names on and on the Poetry Foundation’s “Browse” page. The Poetry Foundation also has a great app for the Ipod/phone that will let you browse through poems, even offline. Just be careful–make sure everything you select is in the public domain. To be safe, that means published before 1923.

The Emperor of Ice-Cream
– Wallace Stevens
The Second Coming – W.B. Yeats
Richard Cory – E.A. Robinson
Delight in Disorder – Robert Herrick
588 (The heart asks pleasure first) – Emily Dickinson
My Grandmother’s Love Letters – Hart Crane

I’ll post the list of poems/poets for ANTHOLOGY II in the future.


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