The Revision Phase

                On Monday and Wednesday of last week, I had both of my videos workshopped (To See A World and Who robbed the woods). There wasn’t much that needed changing, except for a few minor details. In Who robbed the woods, I had to apply a filter onto the shot of the feather so that it matched the colors of the rest of the shots. I also made sure that the timing of the cuts according to the music and poem were exactly right. Finally, I asked a friend for another opinion. He and I eventually agreed that one of the black frames needed to go. It felt choppy compared to the flow of the rest of the cuts. Now there is only one black frame on the word ‘trees.’

                As for To See A World, there were just as few changes that needed to be made. However, I took out a brief black frame that came before the shot of the girl at the end. I also inserted a close-up of the flower toward the middle of the video. I did not already have a close-up on hand because it was so difficult getting the focus just right on the camera. So instead I used some advice that was actually meant for another classmate: I found a clear shot of the baby and the flower; I cropped everything out but the flower; and then I blew up the image to fit the frame. It was a simple process that did not require any re-shooting. Thus, the revision phase was a downhill process for me, and the revisions were more like touch-ups if anything.

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