Our shorts have been edited, and revised and maybe revised again. They’ve been screened, and today is our last day of class! It’s crazy how a whole semester packed into one month has gone by. On my final revisions, I decided to fully listen to my critics. Since I didn’t have strong direction on how I wanted to edit my two shorts, I decided my peers knew better. Therefore, I didn’t change my stop motion, as they recommended, and I cut out and added some shots to my dynamic motion assignment. I also changed the ending shot which I had particular internal turmoil about. I found that no matter how much I liked the idea of the ending shot, it wasn’t working. So I let it go.

It was really neat watching all the shorts together on a large screen. It was nice appreciating what an impact films can make and the work that’s put into them. I really enjoyed the band playing in sync with the films, and I felt like the whole experience was like an ode to performance and art. I’m so thankful that I got to learn with some very different and interesting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

In our two final classes, we are working on a still picture. I took mine on campus. When I read the poem I was assigned to go with our assignment, “A Servant to Servant” by Robert Frost, I thought of a tunnel. The narrator is  so eager but isn’t getting anywhere. Somehow, that reminded me of a tunnel, or at least tunnel vision. To find a picture that felt like this, I decided a narrow path would work. Here it is below!

photo (5)


I like how the picture is divided by the path: to the left, there is lush life and to the right, there is barrenness. It worked well in the room I was assigned to as my room is the servant’s quarters. Therefore, I had lots of blank space. This was an interesting change in assignment as it examined how a still photo can function to create a setting.

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