Revisiting The Deserted House

The Deserted House is a highly evocative and darkly ambiant poem. Originally, Juan and I were shooting with the express purpose of creating a mood befitting the poem’s subject matter. We chose to shoot an actual deserted house, cemetery, and cathedral. We included rocks, cement, fences, and trees for texture. We shot at angles meant to invoke an ethereal presence. Our vision was to portray the atmosphere and spirit of the poem.


With a sufficiently spooky foundation set, I was satisfied with our footage, however during our in-class workshop , I realized that there were important secondary elements that were missing. Things like mystery and suspenseful tension were lacking.

In revising our film, I added more vertically moving shots and abstracted some of the frames, taking care to remove things that allowed the viewer to identify too much of the objects. I played around with video filters with the purpose of making the images more moody. I darkened some of the images and did my best to better establish a mysterious presence. I also tweaked the pacing of the film to better suit the poem’s rhythm.


My main intention was to grab the viewer’s attention, to have a sense that we are allowed an insider’s peek of a spirit’s last journey on Earth.

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