Process Blog- Fortschritt Take II

Revising a film can be really difficult, especially when you spent a lot of time creating it. But nevertheless, this process gave me the chance to develop a new concept to express the message of the poem in a better way.

1st step: Getting Feedback

Since I was involved in every single step of the creation of this assignment, the workshop in class offered the opportunity to get to know the impressions of people who only watched the final product. The positive feedback and the constructive criticism helped me to realize what the audience liked about the stop motion and what aspects could be presented in a different way.

2nd step: Rethinking the Concept

Due to the fact that it was almost impossible to reconstruct the setting of the scene and that every little change could easily be recognized by the audience, I decided to use the power of editing to change the message of the film. one of the main point of criticism was the fact that the video was longer than the recording. While editing the first draft, I was so proud of all my shots that I didn’t want to cut out any of them. But revising the footage, I realized that sometimes less is more. So one of my goals was to match the images with the sound. But which scenes should I remove? After thinking about the content of the poem again, I came to the conclusion that it does not necessarily indicate a circulation of change. Therefore, I decided to go without the destruction of the “city” at the end. Instead, I wanted the image of the erected buildings to be the last one of my film. In order to underline the theme of progress, I put the clip of the cup getting unwrapped right at the beginning.

I am very happy that I took the chance to change the original film because I think that the final version has much more expressive power!

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