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Feeling pretty confident that I wouldn’t have to do anything too drastic to revise my first two shorts, I took it upon myself to make a third film. I really wanted to do something with clay, and, despite all the troubles I had obtaining said clay, I had a lot of fun making the actual animation. I would have liked to do something a little fancier, but, time constraints being what they were, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It was fin to go through the whole process of claymation again, from storyboarding to working the clay to taking the photos. I was fortunate enough to get a positive response to my claymation in the workshop and not to have to do any revising for it.

For my first stop motion, the one with the paper, I mostly just had to enhance the contrast and play with the background color a little. I also ended up adding a brief moment of negative color at the end on the suggestion of the workshop. I had to look up how to get to the filters on Final Cut Pro three times, but, other than that, it went quickly and smoothly, and I think it came out looking really nice! I also had to swap out the audio, which meant I had to change the timing of my film very slightly, but it all worked out in the end. The revisions for “Under The Greenwood Tree” were also minor–we mostly just moved some shots around.

I am really pleased with my work throughout this class, and I feel like I might continue making short films in the future.

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