Process Blog – We Shall Go No More a Roving Revision

I decided to revise the video based on the poem, “We Shall Go No More a Roving,” by Lord Byron. In the first video, I felt that the timing could have matched better to the music and rhythm of the poem, and I also felt that some of the clips lagged on for a little too long. Therefore, on the revised version, I focused a lot on timing the shots up to the music and poem.
Another thing that bothered me about the first version was also that I felt that there were a lot of shots that didn’t really fit, such as some of the out of focus shot and an image of clouds. At the same time, I also felt that there were clips that weren’t utilized properly in the first version, such as the bubbling of the beer, the drinking shots, and the close-up shot on the beer in the glass. In the revision, I removed many of the shots that I felt were unnecessary, while repeating and moving many of the shots I wanted to keep. There were a few elements I chose to retain from the first version, which were mainly the shots of the eye opening and closing.
Finally, the first film didn’t give enough of an impression that the drinking scenes were flash backs to the night before, which is what I had wanted them to be. In an attempt to correct this, I decided to try to enhance the coloring and to add a glow effect to the shots during the nighttime. However, I wanted these to be subtle, because I didn’t want the viewer to think that the character had had a magical evening. Therefore, I simply cranked up the saturation on a lot of the beer shots, and then added an effect that causes light to shine really brightly and blurrily. In conclusion, I felt that the final version now has a faster, better pace but also contains the feelings of regret and shame present in the first version.

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by | July 30, 2012 · 7:02 pm

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