My View On Art (Ars Poetica)

Art is such a vast topic, yet somehow, it is so specific. To me it signifies perspective. It takes several unbiased perspectives to create art. A piece of art should not be simple to identify the meaning; however, it should not be vague to the point of confusion. One should not be confused why a piece of art should be created; instead they should have their own opinions of why a piece of art was created. And this goes back to what I said before, “Art signifies perspective.”

 Can one truly say what piece of art is bad and which is good? NO, absolutely not. “Why is this,” you may ask, and I am saying that in order to have the ability of determining what is good and what is bad, the people judging have to have the same mindset. And we all know that this is impossible because no two people think the exact same thing in the exact same way. Two people may lik an apple, but one could like it because of its sweet taste and the other could simply like it because it is Red.  The point I am trying to make is that without the difference in opinions, we would not have separate perspectives. An d without the perspectives we don’t have Art.

I know some of you may look at this blog post and not completely agree with it, but I hope you understand that one cannot determine good art from bad. However, you can determine which ones you like or dislike. And the more you are with opinions the better art will become. In my Auteur 101 class I started out judging each other’s work from best to worst instead of appreciating the work for its entirety. As I started filming, however, I realized the difficulty and creativity Involved with making films and I knew then that you can’t make a perfect film.

A perfect film would please everyone and that is simply unheard of. And the reason that is, is simply because of opinions. I don’t mean to sound repetitious, but I am simply  trying to make  a point. In my class when we did workshops, we stated gave our opinions on the things we liked and disliked. We stated what we wanted to stay, what we wanted to go, and what we wanted to be added, and In the end, when we saw the revisions everyone was more pleased. However, not everyone is satisfied and that can’t be fixed, but everyone was a lot happier. To conclude this post, I want everyone to know that every person is essential for a piece of art to be successful. Every opinion matters in making art… art. It is all about perspectives.

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