Stop Motion is Hard

Going into my second film I was pumped. I was so excited to film a stop motion to accompany a fantastic poem. Immediately after preparing for my film i realized it would be a struggle. I could not find a single store in a close vicinity that carried clay. This caused me to rethink my idea. As i was leaving Barnes and Nobles I saw artist models and bought two. I had a new idea. When i started filming it required me to throw everything in my lounge all over the place and rearrange everything. Once I began I took two pictures and my guy fell over. Time to start over. This happened about 1382483945315 times and I almost quit. After about an hour of rage i calmed down and started again. My film was coming along well until the point when I needed stairs. Stairs suck. I had no material so I was required to use books and cover them in thick white paper. This took me three hours of cutting and guessing and hoping and raging. Finally I got them and it was time to move on to filming the stair climb. The amount of times that i flicked my artist models and tried to capture them mid fall was outrageous. I finally got it. In the end i felt that my film turned out well and after a few editing revisions it will be my favorite work yet.

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