Ars Poetica


To be honest, I have never thought of myself as an artist. My work, however, is heavily influenced by certain individuals that I do consider great artists. These artists have distinct features that makes them the artists I perceive them as. The standards they set, I can only dream of exceeding one day. In my view, these artists have redefined the idea of film as art, and have molded it into what I see as art today. It takes an insane amount of creativity to reach only half of what they are capable of. I like to try to at least reach that far. My biggest influence would have to be Christopher Nolan. Some call him the modern Kubrick. I see him as an original that doesn’t even compare to anyone else. Christopher Nolan got me hooked in the world of film. Throughout this post my vision for the future and path I want to take as a filmmaker will hopefully become clearer.

What Filmmakers like Nolan and David Fincher have done for me, is a very essential element of film. The element of surprise. Both of these filmmakers have left me stunned and have successfully created goosebumps inducing films. I don’t see this element as often as I’d like to these days, but when I do it is quite powerful. What I hope to achieve as a filmmaker is to introduce ideas into a viewer’s mind and make them question, what is reality? Or maybe ask them one question and answer it with a completely different question. I want to make the viewer believe in something and then make them question it. I want the viewer to think they know what they know, but then completely turn things around and move in a completely different direction. Life is usually very predictable. I don’t like ordinary stuff. I want to take the viewer into a world where they will never feel like they would in our normal daily world.

Creativity is the main ingredient in a successful filmmaker. I always like to take in all the creativity possible before starting the production of a film, because I feel that film as art requires a sense of magic and wonder to it that allows the mind to be exercised. A film is usually intended to entertain a person and the main way to acheive this is by taking them to a place they have never been before, or if a place is revisited, show it to them in another point of view. The film District 9 is such a great example. District 9 was a science fiction film that for me, redefined the genre. It is a film about aliens in South Africa that live in a segregated area away from humans. At the time of its release, this was the freshest film I had seen in a while, even though there have been numerous sci-fi alien films in the past. It showed a world in which the whole situation was a metaphor for the times of segregation in South Africa. It took something we had seen and twisted it into something entirely different. What I hope to achieve in my filmmaking career is to twist reality. I want to place ideas in people’s minds, they had never even dreamt about. Film in a way, is simply getting your ideas out there to the world. And ideas are the foundation of our progress.

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