Process Blog – Amor Eterno Revised


I felt I had to make some critical changes to the original in order to get across my original intentionsI wanted the film to take the viewer through a narrative about a robot’s loss of love. I’ve always found the concept of something inatimate, robots/androids in particular gaining emotions out of some magical reason. I felt like with this poem, not only would the story work, but the poem would enhance the story as the poem states the writer, Gustavo Becquer’s love for someone will never die. Robots/androids have always been seen in media as some sort of indestructible force. But what happens when that indestructible force is destroyed? That’s where i felt the finger drawing the heart came in with some significance. The viewer could, and in my opinion should, interpret that as the robot’s heart being rebuilt.

Most of the issues centered on the fact that I shot three very different scenes and I will admit that. But in my head they connected very well. Sadly, the viewer cannot read my mind. I decided to make some visual changes in the first and last scenes by making the color of them match the color of the scene with the robot. I felt this put the three scenes in a world that they could very possibly coexist together. It also turned out that the color change turned the heart into a black heart rather than the pink heart I had in the original. This worked for me for several reasons. One, the color matches the tone of the poem. Two, it was a suggestion I had heard from several people in the workshop and I ended up liking the idea quite a bit.

The last thing I added to the revision were some transitions. The transitions actually made the biggest difference in my opinion. In the original first scene, we see a man’s face crying and then it cuts to a robot out of nowhere. Now on the revision there is a transition of a dream-like sense and it makes the viewer believe the face crying knew the robot/felt for the robot/ or maybe even was the robot itself. It’s up to the viewer.

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