How Dare They Despise Revision Process

“How Dare They Despise” is a video based off the poem “I Am” by John Clare. The poem is rather depressing because of the fact that the character is constantly being rejected by society. The character wants to be able to deal with it and understand that it doesn’t matter what other people’s opinions are, but it seems as if something is holding him back. I make the analogy of trying to get a small piece of Thanksgiving turkey with your fingers and Grandma pops your hand, but that’s just me. However, this poem carries a huge story on its back, and the video Juan and I created supports it to the fullest.

We wanted to provide an eerie, sad feeling to the poem because that is how we portrayed it to make us feel. So instead of going out and shooting anything we saw, we decided to narrow down what kind of shots we were looking for, and those shots specifically came out at night. I took night shots around campus and Juan took them at his home. We did this so that the images would not be too recognizable. We also provided a rugged line to present a crooked pathway to portray this character’s pain. It seems he knows what he wants, but he stumbles constantly trying to get there. We finally got all the footage together and made the first video.

We got a lot of possible feedback from our classmates; however, the ending didn’t give the feeling it was supposed to. Instead it was basically an inadequate surprise and didn’t make sense compared to the rest of the poem. So we revised and came up with a tighter, understandable conclusion. We also added some things such as the overlaying shots of letters which spell out DANGER, which adds on to the eerie feeling we were going for. We ended the video with the line still going because we wanted to let the audience know that he never found what he was looking for.

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