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This will be the last video event in which the 2013 students of “Auteur 101” are involved as a class.


HOME BURIAL: a site-specific spectacle based on poems from Robert Frost’s “North of Boston,” at the Homewood House Museum on the JHU campus, on Thursday, August 1st, at 5:30 PM. Admission free but reservations *required*; admission is extremely limited. Call 410-516-5589 to make reservations. Facebook event here.

Reception, 5:30-6PM: free refreshments and live music.
6 PM: Performance.

With video projection designs by students from the “Auteur 101” class in the Film & Media Studies Program at JHU, under the direction of Mónica López-González.

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Thanks to everyone who came to last evening’s screening of ANTHOLOGY III at The Creative Alliance! We will post pictures and video when everything is edited. For now, here’s another one of the students’ films: “Nomade,” directed by Abby Francis, based on the poem by Pierre Reverdy.

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On Monday, July 29, at the Creative Alliance, the Parallel Octave Chorus and students from “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” @ JHU will present the third annual screening of short films based on poems.


a compilation of short videos
based on the the poetry of William Blake, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson, Alan Seeger, Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, Stephen Crane, Pierre Reverdy, and more!

Admission: FREE

Date: Monday, July 29, 7 PM
refreshments available for purchase at 6.30

Location: The Creative Alliance
at The Patterson
(3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore MD 21224 / 410/276-1651)

Facebook event:
CA site:

Sample student film, Catherine Wityk’s “To See A World” (based on a fragment of William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence and Experience”):

The screening will be followed by a live improvisation / collaboration session with the audience, where we read aloud poems with live acoustic music. Free kazoos, noisemakers, and other sound-generating items will be distributed to all of the audience–or you are welcome to bring your own instruments!

The Parallel Octave Chorus and student performers from JHU Summer’s Theater & Music Lab will be providing more musical mayhem.

***Also featuring a special guest film by Polish artists Marta Ostajewska and Justyna Apolinarzak.***

Screening made possible due to the generous support of the following Hopkins departments and programs:
Summer Programs,
Film & Media Studies,
Writing Seminars,
Homewood Arts,
and the Brown Foundation Digital Media Center.

Course blog:
Email contact:

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Pictures from Artscape

This Sunday, July 21, at the Single Carrot Theatre at Artscape, JHU students from the 2013 “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” course in the Film & Media Studies Program presented their slide projections, which they designed under the guidance of Meg Rorison, as part of a public reading of a script called “End of the Line.”





More pictures from the reading:
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The Pulse Beats Ten and Intermits: Sound from July 2nd session

Ten poem-recordings for the first rounds of student films–from Poe to Stephen Crane to Marceline Desbordes-Valmore. Downloadable and listenable on SoundCloud now.

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Your 4th of July weekend homework, should you choose to accept it


(“Map,” by Jasper Johns — 1961.)


1) Watch the videos on Final Cut Pro X in chapters 1, 2, and 3. Try to finish this before Monday, when you need to start editing.

2) Write a 250-500 word blog-post on “What Annoys Me” in art, inspired by the “What Annoys Me” section header of Truffaut’s “A Certain Tendency in French Cinema. Due Monday.

3) Shoot enough footage over the weekend for your first short, to begin editing on Monday, following these guidelines. ***The only sound in the film will be the poem-recording, which you’ll receive separately as a .wav file.***

— Remember the value of having movement within the frame, which we discussed on our first day.
— Shoot outdoors and in natural light; daylight.
— When editing, make at least 8 edits. Single shot projects are for later.
— Make sure that your shots vary in length.
— Make sure that you shoot from various angles.
— Take multiple shots of the same object or setup.
— Remember to use the camera manual.
— Shoot more material than you think you will need. Remember there will be revisions later.

Your film is due to the blog and YouTube one hour before class on Wednesday, July 10th.

After the weekend, we’re looking forward to having artist Meg Rorison as our first in-class filmmaker guest. See you Monday!

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Welcome to Auteur 101, Second Edition

Image Welcome to the second edition of the “Auteur 101” class at Johns Hopkins! Summer students will be making short digital films based on recordings of poems, which will be screened at the end of the month, on Monday, July 29 at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore.

The students’ first assignment is to choose poems to use as the soundtracks for their short films–they will be posting those poems to the blog today. They’re using the Poetry Foundation’s “Browse” widget to locate public-domain poems.

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Pictures from culminating screening

Here’s the class of “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” outside the Creative Alliance last night, for the culminating screening. More pictures will be posted Monday, along with the final versions of all the films, on YouTube.


And here’s the audience:


Here are a couple of pictures of the post-screening collaboration session, where we recorded the entire text of Gertrude Stein’s “Stanzas in Meditation.”


The Auteur 101 blog will remain active now, even though the class is over–and the students are still welcome to post here, about poetry, film, and everything in between! We look forward to this year’s class of filmmakers interacting with future groups of Auteur 101ites, and we also hope that everyone who took this class will submit films to next year’s ANTHOLOGY III.

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Culminating screening tonight at 8 pm

The students of Auteur 101 will screen their short films tonight at The Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave. Free admission.

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A newer, bluer flier for our screening!

Flier collaged from the Melee short film for ANTHOLOGY II, based on Gertrude Stein’s “Pigeons on the grass alas alas.”

Parallel Octave presents: ANTHOLOGY II
the short film compilation
featuring work by students from JHU’s “Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory” as well as other films by filmmakers from Baltimore and beyond
Thursday, August 2nd
Refreshments at 7:30 pm, screening at 8:00 pm
At the Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave.
More info:

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