Process Blog – Dream Within A Dream Remake

Original Video:


There are some notable changes in the remake. Firstly, there was a nice video filter which we applied to some clips throughout the first stanza. We thought it would be better if this effect was present throughout the stanza. This was mainly because of the dream-like feel this effect gave. We thought it would build the environment better and take the audience out of reality and into ‘the dream’.

One additional minor change was reversing the direction the clock was moving. We felt that this created a more eerie feeling and enhanced the dreamy environment.

The big bulk of our changes happened for the second, longer stanza. Here, we removed the entire sequence of the man in a bathtub. There was some critical feedback in the workshops and it seemed that the sequence needed to be developed a lot further. We didn’t have the resources to do so and felt it would be best if we remade the entire section differently.

We brainstormed whether a new narrative was a good idea or whether we should continue the theme of dream-inspired images that had been present in the first section of the film. While new images would have been visually stimulating, we felt it would get repetitive and our audience could lose interest.

The concept of the leaf chasing down the river stemmed from an idea to use just the stream. We thought flowing water was a nice abstract concept which would reflect the dream theme in the poem. On set, we thought of the leaf moving through the small waterfalls and streams which developed into someone chasing the leaf.

It was tricky to film the leaf, as we had little control. We grabbed about 10 leaves from a tree and let them flow down sections of the creek one at a time. We filmed them to our desire but they often got stuck in unexpected places. A lot of the times, the leaf didn’t move in the way we would have liked it to and we had to film elsewhere to get the same effect.

Nonetheless, I think it came together nicely in the end. We, again, had some issue rendering and the final video has a few glitches which we didn’t intend. But I am happy with the final product.

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