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What Bothers Me…

What annoys me most about the visual arts is not the nature of the disciplines but the nature of the people who practice them. I have met only a handful of artists who give a modest impression about themselves and their work. It seems to me that the majority within the field hold themselves in the highest regards and considers their work as superior above all. As an engineer, I rarely dabble in the realm of visual arts and I pay the price as my interactions with most artists is mainly a way for them to feed their ego from my lack of understanding. Often, it is the smirk and pride they get when they use a complex concept (usually in the form of an ism) so trivially.

I find that a lot of artists think that their work is very unique, radical and can significantly change the shape of the world. I think they fail to realize that the group of artists that actually study their work is small compared to the actual size of the earth. Again, as an engineer, I know of a huge population that gives their work little attention. The majority of the world looks for something more visually pleasing on the surface rather than a profound interpretation from the symbols within a piece. This concept of popular or mainstream art (that is, pieces for the mass audience) is sometimes discredited within the visual arts discipline because it is driven by monetary gains. Although valid, I think the takeaway is that the popular art does serve the general public in a beneficial way despite its motives.

The few artists that I have met who seem as simple folk are usually at the start of their career. I pray that their personality remains intact but I fear that someday their charisma will drop to the level of bigger artists as their ego inflates. It is a bit scary for me to think about them (as some are my close friends) in the future being self-absorbed like their artistic peers.

My views are merely a misalignment in personalities and I know there are many who appreciate the personality of an artist. But I know that I am not the only who shares this view and feel that there are many more who despise the character of an artist. While I understand that their ego might be great for creating new work and could be a great source of inspiration, I think a bit of perspective would go far in building the reputation of the arts discipline outside of the community.

Adhiraj Goel

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Dream Within A Dream

Video by Adhiraj Goel and Alexandra Nemetschke on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

Starring Patrick Tamm.

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Stanzas in Meditation: Stanza II – Gertrude Stein

I think very well of Susan but I do not know her name
I think very well of Ellen but which is not the same
I think very well of Paul I tell him not to do so
I think very well of Francis Charles but do I do so
I think very well of Thomas but I do not not do so
I think very well of not very well of William
I think very well of any very well of him
I think very well of him.
It is remarkable how quickly they learn
But if they learn and it is very remarkable how quickly they learn
It makes not only but by and by
And they may not only be not here
But not there
Which after all makes no difference
After all this does not make any does not make any difference
I add added it to it.
I could rather be rather be here.

I was prompted by one of the films we saw in class based on Four Saints in Three Acts. I think this poem has a lot of potential to be converted into a film and it allows for a lot of creative freedom. Its fun world plays makes it comical and allow for the director make a light video. But you can definitely sense that there is a deeper meaning lying beneath the words. The social circle it describes is almost universal (if not the whole, then parts) and the fact that almost anyone can relate to it in some way or another makes it my choice of poem.


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Homework for Tuesday, July 3rd

My film submission is The Crick by an auteur named Jall Cowasji. He was a personal friend of mine and put a lot of hard work into this film and it is one of my favorite short films. The look and feel that he achieves using a cheap Sony Handycam is amazing. More remarkable is the fact that almost all the shots are handheld. A tripod was used occasionally but he had no dollies or steadycams. He also played around with the lighting a lot and composed most of the music on his own. And it all worked very well! I was drawn into the story very quickly and he builds the eerie environment effectively. The ending is great and builds up the suspense beautifully. The story isn’t completely spelled out and leaves much to the viewer but is still somehow satisfying. The experience overall is great given how low-budget the film is.

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