Come Slowly Eden Process

So this sure was an experience.

It turns out, there is no clay in Baltimore. At least, not anywhere a Johns Hopkins University Precollege student can get to without 3-4 people accompanying her. In a fit of frustration, I contacted my parents to complain. They were kind enough to offer to buy me clay and overnight the package to me. The package arrived at ten o’clock the next morning, according to an email… except it didn’t. It was probably in the building, but no one had given it to the precollege office, where I was supposed to pick it up, even at one that afternoon. I didn’t end up getting the package until late that night, when it was already too late. I’m hoping to do another video using the clay, but alas–overnight shipping was wasted.

Problem number two: Apparently, there are a finite number of Canon Rebel cameras available at the Digital Media Center. This was quite an upsetting revelation, as the rest of my class had already reserved the only available cameras for the weekend. I ended up having to use a camcorder that takes lower quality stills, which was annoying, but ultimately not as bad as it could have been.

When I finally decided what I was going to do (cut some shapes out of paper and arrange them in cool designs, essentially), the animating itself went pretty quickly. Choosing to use cloth as my background ended up being a huge pain, though, especially with the limited space available to me. I couldn’t really get the wrinkles out, though I did my best. All in all, the film actually got a much more positive response than I was expecting, so I’ve kind of come to terms with the difficulties I had to face in this process.

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