Whistle While you Work

I started my first short with the idea of rebellion. That was the mood I got from the track I was provided by the wonderful Parallel Octave. Thinking about the many treasures of Baltimore, I decided I was going to shoot clips of graffiti. After a weekend in DC, I woke up early on Monday, hopped on a JHMI shuttle to Penn Station, and started exploring the area. It was glorious. I immediately came upon large murals and worked my way into hidden alleys and backstreets. Along the way I shot clips of interesting vandalism like on mailboxes and doors and cars. I fell in love with these people who tagged up this city. Even without seeing their faces, I felt like I knew them.

I was working my way onto the stoop of an abandoned house when a man sweeping leaves on the sidewalk noticed me flirting with the painted characters on the boarded up windows. He asked me if I’d been to Lanville, his speech whistling through missing teeth. I said I hadn’t and eagerly took his directions to find a quiet street covered in street art. It was amazing how exposed and free the graffiti looked. It was rightfully shameless.

Before I headed back to campus. I took a walk to a spot I had read about online at http://hiddenbaltimore.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/baltimores-graffiti-alley/. It was a great way to end shooting. The blog post describes the hidden paradise very well, so I will just share a photo I snagged on my phone.

photo (4)

The shooting experience was phenomenal. So I expected the editing process to fall a little short. I really enjoyed working on cutting my clips and arranging them. Which made losing my work very disappointing. I had to restart on Tuesday after incorrectly saving my clips. Then on Wednesday, half of my clips disappeared. Luckily, the original clips hadn’t been removed from the camera. There was a point where I was very frustrated and wasn’t sure if I liked what I was doing. But I comforted myself with the fact that this was only the first version. My peers provided extremely helpful insight, so I look forward to going back to editing! Overall, it was a great first experience.

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