Greenwood Tree Process

Frank and I had a very nature-oriented poem. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to particularly far or exotic locations to shoot. We ended up finding a park a bit up the road from campus, and we shot all of our footage there. It was just a bunch of trees, grass, and some flowers, but we managed to make a film out of it by carefully choosing what to shoot and how to shoot it. We spent our morning jostling tree branches and chasing down birds, all while doing our best to time our footage to the recording we had to work with.

When we got to the editing stage, everything went pretty smoothly on the first day. We were actually kind of unnerved by how quickly we seemed to finish. After getting some notes from Dara, we decided to reconvene the next day.

Then the troubles started.

I would just like to say that I double-checked, before leaving, to make sure all the files were saved on my hard drive and able to open properly. This did not, however, prevent said files from magically becoming unusable the next day. Luckily, our .mov file still worked, so we imported that into Final Cut X, separated the audio from the video, reimported all the footage we had taken, and did some slicing and dicing to get everything where it needed to be. It turned out that we could have used a little extra footage for the musical intro, but we didn’t have any, so we wound up repeating shot from later. I think it turned out pretty well, though, and I’m satisfied with our work as a first draft.

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