What Annoys Me

Dane Cook movies annoy me. I don’t know much about art itself, but I know movies so here it goes. Dane cook movies annoy me because they are predictable. Films are art. Not only should films entertain, but they should also leave the viewer wondering, questioning. A film is that much better if the viewer is constantly thinking and caught off guard by new moments. Every Dane Cook movie, “tool meets girl. Tool loves girl. Tool hurts girl. Tool tries to win girl back. Girl falls back in love with tool.” Where is the surprise in that? In my opinion a movie is a medium for a creators artistic abilities. Art is an unpredictable, creative expression of a person’s ideas. Films are art. Art is spontaneous. When an artist creates something simple and mediocre enough for the mass to comprehend it is not nearly as
attractive to me. I do not want to see something that I could make in my backyard. I want to see something so creative that I am awestruck by it and something that even after watching it multiple times I still do not fully grasp it.
What annoys me in film is when a work is so predictable and mediocre that it has no value to me after the first viewing. If I can rewatch a movie, that is when I know that it has pulled me in. I will never rewatch a Dane Cook movie, with the exception of Employee of the Month, because they are contast. They are predictable. There is no curiousity spiked. There is no attention grabbed. There is no desire to watch again to fill in the gaps that went over my head. There is no creativity, no spontaneity.

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