What Annoys Me

Art should not be elitist. Art should not be about proving you are better than your audience. Art should not be about trying to make your work inscrutable and unfathomable. Yet there is a trend nowadays that is trying to convince us that that is exactly what art should be. There is a trend that the more “out there” something is, the more artistic it is. There is a trend that only the truly gifted are able to comprehend “real art.”

I disagree with this trend.

Though it’s true that there will always be people who “don’t get” certain works of art, that should not be the objective.

If you aren’t making art to share it with others, what is the point? Making art for yourself is good practice, and it’s good for you, it’s fun and satisfying, but, ultimately, it’s not really the same as when you put your work out there for the public to enjoy and admire.

Here’s the thing about art: it lives or dies by its reception. What makes art good or bad isn’t an objective formula by which it is judged, it’s whether or not people like it. Are some opinions with more than others? You could argue that an art critic is more qualified to comment on your work than a layman, but, if the layman is looking at your art and has some thoughts, what gives you a right to ignore them? Once you put it out there, your art isn’t for or about you anymore. It is for and about the people it is meant to serve. By narrowing your audience, you are only hurting yourself and your art.

Stop trying to prove you’re better than everyone else.

Focus on making good art.

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