Your 4th of July weekend homework, should you choose to accept it


(“Map,” by Jasper Johns — 1961.)


1) Watch the videos on Final Cut Pro X in chapters 1, 2, and 3. Try to finish this before Monday, when you need to start editing.

2) Write a 250-500 word blog-post on “What Annoys Me” in art, inspired by the “What Annoys Me” section header of Truffaut’s “A Certain Tendency in French Cinema. Due Monday.

3) Shoot enough footage over the weekend for your first short, to begin editing on Monday, following these guidelines. ***The only sound in the film will be the poem-recording, which you’ll receive separately as a .wav file.***

— Remember the value of having movement within the frame, which we discussed on our first day.
— Shoot outdoors and in natural light; daylight.
— When editing, make at least 8 edits. Single shot projects are for later.
— Make sure that your shots vary in length.
— Make sure that you shoot from various angles.
— Take multiple shots of the same object or setup.
— Remember to use the camera manual.
— Shoot more material than you think you will need. Remember there will be revisions later.

Your film is due to the blog and YouTube one hour before class on Wednesday, July 10th.

After the weekend, we’re looking forward to having artist Meg Rorison as our first in-class filmmaker guest. See you Monday!

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