My First Stop-Motion

                Whenever I need an idea for a video to compliment a poem, I usually get one at the most random moment. I was literally sitting down at my computer looking at Facebook and I saw a picture of an origami figure; instantly, I wanted to experiment with origami just for fun. As I got into about the 5th fold I realized that I could use it for my stop-motion film. To be honest, I was really stifled at the fact of making the video because I didn’t think it would be fluid, considering paper constantly moves, but as I read over the poem I realized that a kind of non-fluid motion is what the video actually needed. Not saying that the movement should be jagged, but it needed sort of a rough texture to bring out the desire located within the poem.

                Soon, I got started on the assignment by repetitiously folding and taking a snapshot. However, when I finished the crane I realized there must be more in order to create a story rather than a crane just forming itself out of nothing because that kind of represents more of finding one’s self rather than wanting to find someone or something. So I decided to choose something else to fold and I decided a flower. There was no purpose behind this decision other than my last name. So I repeated the same process I did with the origami crane with the origami rose.

                Finally, I started work shopping with the video and I chose to emphasize the sad, desperate tone of the music  by creating a folding, then unfolding motion, and it worked out perfect. But the video felt it was missing something, so I fooled around with certain filters and I found one that brought in a new character I never even noticed until then, and that character was the wood. I finally realized that the wood represented the unfortunate background from which the crane came from.

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