Your homework, should you choose to accept it

1) Pat yourself on the back for making all those awesome animated films. Oh, yeah, and write a 300-word process blog post about the one you made. By Thursday at 5 PM.

2) Watch the films of our Thursday guest visitor, Meg Rorison, linked to below this list, and be prepared to ask her questions about them on Thursday. You might want to begin with “Cante Jondo,” below, if you’re thinking about how to merge the glorious worlds of stop-motion and live action:

Cante Jondo from Margaret Rorison on Vimeo.

3) Read the optional Eisenstein essay, watching Battleship Potemkin for elucidation, as you do.

4) Continue machinating on PR for our fabulous screening.

5) Check out the Artscape film schedule; free short films at the Charles, 12-6, Sat and Sun! We cannot possibly go to *all* of these short films (or can we?)–you might want to be prepared to make an argument for which we should visit as a class. En masse.

Meg’s films:


Vermont from Margaret Rorison on Vimeo.

Into the Woods (2 min)

Gowanus Haze

Cante Jondo (4min)

Rural Vagrancies (6min)

Splice Excerpt
(26 seconds)

Video Graphics Excerpt (1 min)

Ode to a Memory

SCANSION Excerpt (1 min)

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