My First Film

                When I first started this project, I had no idea what to expect. To tell the truth I wasn’t expecting what this class had to offer actually. I was meant to believe this class taught the art in filmmaking in movies such as Avatar and The Blind Side; however, I was shocked but not disappointed. This class allows me to show the artsy side of me through my videos and also allows people to understand that art comes in all true forms. But back to my first project, I was given the task to choose a poem and out a video with it, and since I kind of came with the wrong Idea about the class in the first place, this really was a big deal.


                My partner and I Sam were so lost at first that we constantly asked the question, “Well, what do you want to do.” After we both decided that we didn’t know what we wanted to shoot we decided to at least choose a poem. We chose I Am, a quite lonely, sad poem. We thought it would be really simple to shoot depressing thing because it had just finished raining…. We were wrong.  For some odd reason Baltimore still looks lovely after wind and drenching rain. So after we looked back at our clips we realized that we needed to change our poems. After that day Sam took the camera home to film things back at her house, and she brought it back and we started editing.


                The editing process was simple, yet long. It was very time consuming, but the experience was very fun. Just learning how to use the software and experimenting with the filters was very entertaining.  So to sum up the experience, I had a great time filming and I loved and appreciated the outcome.

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