art with a bad attitude. exasperating viewpoints that refuse to value the opposing side. or worse making points, making statement after statement by railing against the other side. passion against is not of the same caliber as passion for. artists who get a kick out of ripping apart other philosophies, constantly demeaning different perspectives in their crappy manifestos. I hate infantile tantrums in the name of conviction. ‘The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”-Yeats. “art that is still studied and dignified even though it has elements of racism, sexism and other nasty –isms. throw them out. there’s no lack of art! art that makes a name of itself with sensational violence. send the artist to war. pessimistic art sucks. if you think it all ends badly then what’s the point. go home. there needs to be a higher ideal. strong, self-assertive art that does not rely on cheap tactics to catch disfiguring garish makeup mindlessly applied by a lady of the night. overly intellectual art that is a pain to ponder. or worse art so sickly sweet you’ve had enough of it before you’ve started. there’s a unique displeasure associated with humorless art.

That’s it. Otherwise I love everything about art. What could be more magical than a vague abstract concept like ‘art’ that invites so many dreamers and hopers to share their desires and visions. So many voices, from all directions. It’s a chorus! Somehow humanity has sung itself a beautiful little tune. We have been given the opportunity to climb atop the giants who have lead us to this point. We can attempt to see more, do more, make more and if we’re lucky, laugh more. “Earth laughs in flowers.” –Emerson.

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by | July 14, 2012 · 6:33 am

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