Behind the Scenes

A Dream Within a Dream, Video by Adhiraj Goel and Alexandra Nemetschke on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

1.) Brain-Storming

A dream within a dream. What might be the best way to adapt these special lines written by Edgar Allan Poe to the screen? Well,  we first broke the poem down into several sections which seemed to belong together in order to think about individual shots. Soon it became clear that the visuals had to refer to the confusing mood of this piece of poetry, so we decided to show a blurred scene in a wood at the beginning of the film. Moreover, we thought about a clock and  a door as symbols of mortality and finality. In the second stanza the main themes are change and evanescence and while talking about the vanishing grains of sand, the idea of someone sitting in a bath tub trying to hold on to bubbles came into our minds.

2.) Into The Wild

In the second phase, we grabbed the camera and started looking for appropriate settings in order to turn our ideas into great footage. You will not believe how long it can take to find a working clock on the campus on Sundays. Well, at least it was very easy to find enough trees for the opening scene. The next day we went to Adhiraj’s house where his roommate agreed to be our actor (Thanks again). We actually had a lot of fun shooting these scenes as we had to think about ways to show something usual like a bathroom from a new perspective including different angles and light. Moreover, the bubbles worked really well as a symbol for impermanence.

3.) Ready For Editing

After having some troubles with rendering our files, we decided to edit on “Sony Vegas” instead of “Final Cut Pro” which turned out to be much quicker and more effective. Due to the fact that we  had already talked about the exact order of the scenes in the first phase and Adhiraj’s familiarity with the program we made rapid progress. Unfortunately, we had some problems with rendering again in the end but nevertheless we are very happy with the result of our short film and we hope you enjoy watching it!

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