What annoys me about film today is that the authority involved (Hollywood) seems to think lowly of its audience. They seem to keep recycling the same concepts and stories over and over and the idea of originality is scarce. What annoys me the most is that money is the primary driving force of mainstream cinema today where movies are sometimes produced solely for the purpose of generating the highest possible revenue. Cinema is art but seems to be treated as more of a business. Filmmakers like Michael Bay seem to be the leaders of summer blockbusters in an age where every movie needs to have an explosion even if there is no narrative reasoning behind it. Visual effects are apparently more important than captivating stories and the character development and the magic we used to see with directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock who used the camera as a way of transporting the viewer to an undiscovered world. What annoys me is that the general public today seems to think the only source of legitimate cinema comes from the projects directly approved by Hollywood and completely look past and disregard independent films. You have way more theatres like AMC and Regal than you do art houses likes the Charles Theatre, which contributes to the lack of exposure to independent filmmaking, which in my opinion is sometimes the greater kind. People today like to have everything spoon-fed to them which is why Hollywood is afraid to release more summer blockbusters like Inception and Prometheus which ask questions and require the viewers devoted attention. Filmmaking should be seen as a way for a filmmaker to express their views through what they show on a screen. This should lead to discussions and multiple interpretations of films; however, it annoys me and scares me that if people keep looking past all types of films and filmmakers and give their money to the cash-grab Hollywood projects, the true idea of film might get lost somewhere.

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