What Annoys Me…

What annoys me…

The definition of art

Nobody knows exactly how to define art, so it really bugs me when an artist or an art observer feels that they know about what art is more than somebody else. Art is subjective, and therefore it is more or less impossible to say whether a piece of art is good or bad. One may like a certain film, or they may hate it, but it doesn’t mean that the film isn’t art.

The absence of emotion and originality

In my opinion, one cannot just plop some paint on a canvas and call it art. This could be why I have such a problem with some works of modern art. I have always felt that in order to create a masterpiece, an artist must draw from a well of emotion and/or originality. Artists need to create art, not copy it or fake it. This can be said about films as well. It is very easy to tell when a film has been created as an afterthought, or one that has been made without any original ideas or emotions. Art needs to have a deeper meaning for why it deserves to exist, and the artist is responsible for that.

Art that nobody can understand

However, there are some works of art who’s message or meaning are simply too “out there.” While I do feel strongly that art should contain that message or certain meaning within, the message needs to be accessible to at least someone. If no one can ascertain or understand the message that an artist was trying to give, it is almost as if there wasn’t any message in the first place. There are so many artists who get so wrapped up in hidden meanings and symbols that their work isn’t appreciated by anybody.

Art and money

Lastly, art is definitely worth something. However, its value depends solely on an observer’s opinion. So when artists are creating art for financial gain, frequently they will attempt to determine what an observer would value in their work, rather than what the artists themselves would value. For that reason, many original and unique works are often copied, and numerous filmmakers regularly add explosions and chase scenes for the sake of “action.” While I recognize that many good films would not have been created if it weren’t for the incentive of wealth, I still think that many more bad films are created due to the incentive of wealth.

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