What Annoys Me…

…about ART is the fact that it has lost more and more of its functions in the course of time. Just think about cave paintings dating back to the stone age: they provided information about the regional flora and fauna and were therefore relevant to survive! Nowadays art can’t save lives anymore, this is now the duty of modern technology, medicine and so on.  Moreover, art has often fulfilled the function of religious worship. In order to express their love and respect people from all over the world constructed wonderful buildings, painted masterpieces or composed majestic pieces of music.  Also the idea of making use of art in order to bring about change has lost its value within the last decades. Why trying to paint a picture to signal the need for a new way of thinking when it takes only a few minutes to create a group on Facebook that everyone around the globe can join?…Although all  these aspects are still a little part of today’s art wold, the most important function is of course to entertain. Producers of movies spend more time on creating impressive  special effects than thinking about elaborate dialogues. The audience prefers cheesy flicks with predictable plots and stereotypical characters to high-minded artistic work because they are looking for distraction, not another cause for thought!

…about ARTISTS.  Nowadays, it is hard to tell where the line between real art and amateur art should be drawn. Everyone with a DSLR considers himself to be a photographer, everyone with a video camera on his phone and an editing program is a filmmaker and everyone can share their paintings, photos and even songs via the Internet. Most of today’s singers or artists started their careers with a single upload of one of their songs or movies. This phenomenon has, of course, advantages as people from all over the world are connected, cultures get mixed up, barriers are pulled down and ideas can be presented to a worldwide audience. But on the other hand, it has led to commercial art work only produced to please the rank and file and to make a big amount of money by getting overpaid advertising contracts with famous brands. It is no longer important to know one’s craft in case there is a number of people supporting your “art”.







…about “ART CONNOISSEURS”.  (I do not exclude myself from the following criticism, I have to confess that I do sometimes fall into the same patters that are described in the next paragraph; nevertheless: it really annoys me!) These days, everyone considers himself to be an expert in almost every field of life and everyone has an opinion on really everything, no matter if they have ever heard about it or not.  So when it comes to the discussion about art, a certain movie, a photograph etc. people tend to come up with random sublime words they picked up from an article, a commercial or a conversation. But in fact they do not really know what they are talking about.  Seriously, just because you skimmed through a Wikipedia post, it doesn’t mean you should feel free to think you know how to interpret every piece of art.

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