What Annoys Me….

-Daniel Rose


                Is kind of a topic which contains, sad to say, many things I can elaborate on; however, I will keep this response to art as specific as possible. To start, these opprobrious viewers and their uninterested, retarded feedbacks just give me a cringe in my stomach which I cannot relinquish because unlike a regular stomach ache, there is no cure. The majority of people within our society nowadays don’t appreciate art for what it truly is, and when they do comment it’s as if they portray it as a joke. Art is supposed to be a cause of unreleased emotions or ideas; it was never meant to be ridiculed. I mean if you like it then you like, but if you don’t you don’t. Why is the matter always come down to the fact that the artist was stupid for making a certain creation? A lot of great creations are not the most inventive or eye-catching things known to man; I mean Marcel Duchamp signed a urinal and called it art but that doesn’t make him retarded.


                Another itching pet-peeve of mine is directed toward the fact everyone has this keen belief that anyone can create a good piece of literature. The reason most classic literatures are so famous is because they were someone’s original ideas, but nowadays every new book I see is usually some kind of supernatural creature falling in love. It irritates me so much to see an idea taken and used to the point of annoyance. I long for a good modern piece of literature to be of a different genre than romance. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate it, I am simply stating that I’m getting tired of it and I want something new. I am simply stating that I am annoyed.

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