“On Gut” by Ben Jonson

Gut eats all day and lechers all the night;
So all his meat he tasteth over twice;
And, striving so to double his delight,
He makes himself a thoroughfare of vice.
Thus in his belly can he change a sin:
Lust it comes out, that gluttony went in.

            The poem I have chosen for the stop-motion assignment is “On Gut,” by Ben Jonson. The themes of sin in the forms of gluttony, greed, and lust are present throughout, and the poet seems to think that the root of these sins lie in the gut of man. It’s a very pessimistic view as to the nature of mankind. I think a visualization of this poem would not only emphasize the poet’s message, but I also feel that the poem can be interpreted visually in many different ways, which is due to the abstract nature of the poem. This would allow the filmmaker a certain degree of flexibility when choosing what to shoot.


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