Fin de Fête

Fin de Fête


Sweetheart, for such a day
     One mustn’t grudge the score;
Here, then, it’s all to pay,
     It’s Good-night at the door.
Good-night and good dreams to you,—
     Do you remember the picture-book thieves
Who left two children sleeping in a wood the long night through,
     And how the birds came down and covered them with leaves?
So you and I should have slept,—But now,
     Oh, what a lonely head!
With just the shadow of a waving bough
     In the moonlight over your bed.
Mew is an English Poet who touches on Modernism in a lot of her works (although it is also similar to Victorian poetry).
I quite like the subject matter of the poem. I think it’s pretty open ended and would allow for some great stop-motion work. It has a nice flow and with the two shorter stanzas that start and end while there is some creative meat in the middle which lets the director experiment. 


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