Filmmaker, video artist, impresario and icon(o)(c)(last) Jimmy Joe Roche (who also teaches at JHU, in Film and Media) visited our class in Hodson on Thursday the 6th. It was a phantastastasmic visit; he spoke for over an hour, answering student questions about his choices as an artist and his thoughts on the state of film, art, and contemporary society today.

JJR in action.

(Image from a 2010 interview with Jimmy on

This is the film screening series he mentioned, Gunky’s Basement: THEY LIVE will be screened on July 18th.

I’m going to comment-post the list of films he mentioned as influences, and a few other things I wrote down. Go ahead and use the comments to share your thoughts and any quotes you remember from his talk–or, if you have more to say, feel free to make a new post about his visit.


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2 responses to “Roche//ambeau

  1. weinberg

    JJR keywords/scribbles/notes, part I of II. Before the film-influence question:
    Hennessey Youngman; Kari Altman; Ryder Ripps; web code as art; Warhol’s Factory, but online; glitch art; Zeitgeist of weirdos; nihilism; the silent scream of the middle class; Slavoj Žižek; the unknown unknowns; Errol Morris; “How To Shoot An Iraqi” by Wafaa Bilal (; Douglas Rushkoff’s “Youth, Inc.”; raving; “It makes the culture more extreme…you have to be extreme to not be for not be sold”; goal of making interpretation difficult; subversion and social change; interfering with the preprogrammed visual vocabulary of how we watch films.

  2. weinberg

    JJR keywords/scribbles/notes, part II of II, in response to the film influence question:
    Storeroom, Hershel Gordon, Gus Van Sant’s “Gerry”, From Beyond, Phantasm, Slither, Seven, Gizmo, John Cassavettes, Russian Arc, Woman In The Dunes, Hukkle (for the sound), Satyricon, Werner Herzog, Elephant, Celebration (Dogme), Enter The Void, Beetlejuice, Blade Runner.

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