The Deserted House

The Deserted House by Alfred Tennyson

Life and Thought have gone away 
Side by side, 
Leaving door and windows wide: 
Careless tenants they! 

All within is dark as night: 
In the windows is no light; 
And no murmur at the door, 
So frequent on its hinge before. 

Close the door, the shutters close, 
Or thro’ the windows we shall see 
The nakedness and vacancy 
Of the dark deserted house. 

Come away: no more of mirth 
Is here or merry-making sound. 
The house was builded of the earth, 
And shall fall again to ground. 

Come away: for Life and Thought 
Here no longer dwell; 
But in a city glorious– 
A great and distant city–have bought 
A mansion incorruptible. 
Would they could have stayed with us! 

I think this poem would be interesting to convert into film because it can be portrayed in different ways. It would definitely be a dark film as the poem is using a metaphor of a deserted house to represent a lifeless/dead body and the way it is written stands out to me because the word choice and the composition of the poem really does give me a dark ominous feeling which is something I would be interested in for a short film. It would be easy to portray the poem using shots of an empty/dark house but there are other dark images and shots that could send off the dark vibe that the poem intends on giving the reader and it would be sort of a challenge to come up with a series of shots to recreate that same feeling.



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