The Dante Quartet by Stan Brakhage.

This film consists of shot after shot of chaotic color. Despite the simplicity of the film, the visual experience is full of texture and dimension.

My first realization was that the colors black and white are not perceived as color. Their main effect is to provide a sense of movement.

When there was mostly white, the movement seemed to be along the x-axis.  At times it felt like watching a super fast carousel or being stuck in a kaleidoscope. With mostly black, the movement took me inward into the screen. Like diving into a vortex.

Perhaps the artist purposefully assigned a direction, either way it was cool.

I especially appreciated the punctuating black shots along with the varying speed at which the shots flitted by. The film has helped me understand just how much complexity it is to create visual interest in an abstract, experimental piece.

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by | July 3, 2012 · 6:31 pm

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  1. Awesome! There is also this Brakhage film of leaves and detritus stuck between two pieces of perforated tape: It’s great since it shows how you can create an almost sickening sense of motion by moving your object instead of the camera. It also feels like drowning in a pile of leaves and moth wings.

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