Homework for Tuesday, July 3rd

My film submission is The Crick by an auteur named Jall Cowasji. He was a personal friend of mine and put a lot of hard work into this film and it is one of my favorite short films. The look and feel that he achieves using a cheap Sony Handycam is amazing. More remarkable is the fact that almost all the shots are handheld. A tripod was used occasionally but he had no dollies or steadycams. He also played around with the lighting a lot and composed most of the music on his own. And it all worked very well! I was drawn into the story very quickly and he builds the eerie environment effectively. The ending is great and builds up the suspense beautifully. The story isn’t completely spelled out and leaves much to the viewer but is still somehow satisfying. The experience overall is great given how low-budget the film is.

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