“+1°C” was directed by the Hungarian filmmaker Denes Ruzsa. It attracted my attention as it shows that highly debated issues,  like global warming,  can be picked up and interpreted in a new way by experimental short films.

I am amazed at the great effect caused by the distribution of light and shadow.  In the first shots both the sun and the suspense are rising. Suddenly, the darker images showing the consequences of climate change turn this bright atmosphere into a gloomy one.  Another interesting element is the choice of music.  It evokes a very special mood because – in contrast to the fast-moving pictures –  it remains calm and smooth. At the end of the film, the silence (in combination with the image of the moving wheel) creates the impression of ultimacy.

I’m impressed by the fact that it takes the director less than two minutes to convey such a strong message without a single word spoken.

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