Auteurs: start your cameras!

This is the course blog for Auteur 101: Short Film Laboratory, a summer course at Johns Hopkins, in the Film and Media department. Shorts created in the course will screen alongside films by local and unlocal filmmakers at the Creative Alliance on August 2nd, 2012, as part of the ANTHOLOGY II film compilation, produced by Parallel Octave.

Here’s the trailer for ANTHOLOGY II:

Here are some shorts to get us started–all from our first guest artist, Jimmy Joe Roche, who will be joining us in class on Thursday.

Neutral Death Test
Beam Splitter
Pascal’s Room
Baltimore Shopping Network
Vortex Accumulator

The first class starts in just about an hour. We’re going to introduce the course, the project, and the screening, and do an in-class shooting exercise that will take up most of this first session. We’re also going to watch these films:

Marie Menken–“Arabesque for Kenneth Anger
William Wegman–“Stomach Song
Charles and Ray Eames–“Blacktop” (Elliot Smith optional)

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